Minsk, Belarus,
Revalutsionnaya str., 16

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Modern hostel in the very centre of Minsk

Prices start from 160.000 belarusian roubles for 1 bed



Invitation Letter to Belarus

Dear guests!

Hostel Revolucion is ready to assist you with the visa support to Belarus. In order to obtain the invitation, you should provide the following information:

1. Passport scan (photo page);

2. Place of work and your position;

3. Accommodation booked in hostel Revolucion (at least 1 night).

Please send this info to incoming@321.by to proceed to the next steps.

The cost of this visa support is 20 euro in countries WITH Belarusian embassy and 30 euro in countries where there is NO Belarusian embassy (visa at the airport). The pre-paid accommodation (at least 1 night) is obligatory to get the invitation according to the visa policy.

You can pay for the services with your credit card or by bank transfer(e.g. WebPay).

Regarding all questions, please contact Natalia (visa support manager) by e-mail incoming@321.by . We understand that the process of getting visa might be inconvenient, but we are doing everything to simplify this procedure for you.


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